A Practical Exercise

     There was a certain thinker of great capacity and renown, whose habit it was before sitting down to his mental labors each afternoon to take a leisurely constitutional about town. He was thus engaged one fine afternoon when suddenly his hitherto peaceful perambulation was interrupted by the discovery of impending calamity. A trolley car was careening madly down the tracks just ahead, upon which were tied five helpless strangers! Making haste toward the danger he found himself, by pure chance, to be within only a few yards of the lever, which, if thrown, could divert the oncoming trolley car onto a neighboring, unoccupied set of tracks. He had just grasped the lever and was preparing to actuate it when, taking one last look to make absolutely certain the alternate set of tracks was clear, he descried his dearest friend, whom, preoccupied by some thought apparently, stumbled as he came at unawares upon those same tracks. He fell with a surprised cry and lay quite still upon the bed of the tracks. Forgetting about the lever, the famed thinker rushed forward, pausing only long enough to allow for the runaway trolley car to race past before going to his friend’s side. His friend was thankfully unhurt, but for his pride, and helping him to his feet the two averted their eyes as they continued upon their way, agreeing to forget the entire unnecessary affair.