Recent Reads

I generally read about 100 books each year and have decided to keep a running list for those interested in potentially worthwhile reads. It should be noted that I read widely and that the presence of any given book should not be interpreted as my agreement with the positions laid out in said books. There will be some rereads as I'm always going back to texts I've found particularly insightful.

Not One Inch, M.E. Sarotte

In the Dragon's Shadow, Sebastian Strangio

Empire of Democracy, Simon Reid-Henry

The Strategy of Denial, Elbridge A. Colby

Destined for War, Graham Allison

Escape from Rome, Walter Scheidel

Disunited Nations, Peter Zeihan

Us vs. Them, Ian Bremmer

The Return of History and the End of Dreams, Robert Kagen

Narrative Economics, Robert Shiller 

Enough Already, Time to End the War on Terror, Scott Horton

The Cold War's Killing Fields, Paul Thomas Chamberlin

The War State, Mike Swanson

The Cold War, Odd Arne Westad

War with Russia?, Stephen Cohen

The Long Game, Rush Doshi

The Age of Illusions, Andrew Bacevich

The Hell of Good Intentions, Stephen M. Walt

Putin's World, Angela Stent

How Democracies Die, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt